Children's Anthology

HCCS's COVID-19 Relief Project

About the Anthology

One day during COVID-19, five Harvard students decided to build a children’s anthology of stories from around the world. Submissions came from children as young as two years old to college students and professional published authors from various locations ranging from England, Tanzania, Taiwan, the United States, and Australia. As a result, the anthology illustrates the power of diverse voices coming together in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic.

This is a colorful and positive anthology, expansive in scope and unrivaled in quality. At its core, this incredible anthology is about the power of community, and its stories are designed for sharing and reading aloud. Readers of this book are sure to discover new family favorites and future classics like My Masked Friends, Pine Cone Stew, and The Mouse and the Squirrel, among many other vibrant stories and poems. Other tales include stories of talking giraffes, heroic battles in the Kingdom of Corona and intergalactic rescue missions.

This marvelous edition includes lovingly-drawn illustrations, a warm introduction from the editors, fun coloring pages, and a fantastic bucket list. As a comforting collection during a troubling time, a keepsake in a historical year, and a strong support for a child’s love of reading, this collection belongs in every child’s hands. Lastly, all proceeds from this anthology will go towards the UNICEF fund for humanitarian relief.

How to Support This Cause

As part of our mission to promote literacy for under-served children, we're displaying the anthology on this page so that it remains free and accessible for children around the world to read and enjoy!

If you would like to purchase a print or e-book version, the anthology is available on amazon, where all profits will be donated to UNICEF. Please consider leaving a review once you recieve the book! We're super duper excited for you to read it!

While providing this anthology for free online will help to support, inspire, and educate kids world-wide during the pandemic, not all youth have internet access! If you would like to further support our mission, please consider donating to our gofundme to distribute books for kids in need at printing cost. For every ~$10, we are able to get one book into the hands of a child who will cherish these stories forever. Our goal is to send 300 printed books to Kids Need to Read, Children's Book Project, and Books for Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the editors and what is their experience?

The HCCS Editorial Board consists of:

Mythri Ambatipudi, Maggie Chen, Nensi Gjata, John LaVelle, and Jude T. Okonkwo

Our editorial board has years of experience in the selection and creation of child-appropriate literature and art for our associated club, Harvard College Children's Stories. As a part of our preparation for this COVID-19-centered anthology, the Editorial Board, with support from Harvard-affiliated professors, clinicians, and psychiatrists, has developed specific guidelines for the final selections to promote the growth and creativity of children and their families during this trying time.

How will the finished publication be distributed?

The anthology is available for free on our website and on for purchase. Through the support of the COOP Public Service Grant, we will be distributing 200 paperback copies of the anthology to disadvantaged family households in the Boston area. Additionally, through a generous donation by Dr. Elizabeth Boeun Kim, we've sent over 200 copies to organizations within Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States. In order to make your own contribution to get this book into as many little hands as possible, please donate to our gofundme above!

How was the anthology priced?

As a non-profit public service club, we knew we wanted to donate all proceeds to an organization that supports children! However, we're also dedicated to making the book affordable for readers who wanted a vibrant paperback to read under the covers with a flashlight. This ~150 page anthology costs about ~$10 to print on KDP, but after Amazon takes a portion for hosting the book on its platform, we receive less than $3 per each print anthology to gift to UNICEF. We also offer the book on Blurb so that we can use its service to display the book in a readable format (scroll to the top to see!). Blurb offers a higher printing fee and we receive less than a dollar for our UNICEF fund per each $30 print copy. By displaying the book for free on our website, we hope that those interested in supporting us consider donating directly to the gofundme to help get the book to kids who would not otherwise be able to afford one, nor access the online version. Thank you so much for your generosity and supporting our mission to promote literacy for all children!


This project is funded by generous support from the Harvard COOP Grant and Dr. Elizabeth Boeun Kim, Ph.D., Ed.M. '10, an alumna of Harvard College Children's Stories, (formally known as Harvard College Stories for Orphans).

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